Studio Rental

2 State of the art studios are available for rent.

2 State of the art Studios

Both Studio A and B are available for rent to clients who would like to bring in their own competent producers and…

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Recording Services

World-class audio production and recording facility.

World-Class Facilities

Paranoyd Sound Studios is a world-class audio production and recording facility offering multiple options for…

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Mixing Services

Best of Both Worlds approach to mixing and engineering.

Best of Both Worlds

Paranoyd Sound allows clients to take advantage of our “best of both worlds” approach to mixing. Mix down…

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Pre-Production Services

Cost effective options for pre-production services.

Cost Effective Options

Paranoyd Sound offers cost effective options for pre-production services that will help you to properly…

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Post-Production Services

Quick & efficient post production services including editing and processing.

Quick & Efficient Services

Paranoyd Sound offers quick and efficient post-production services including comprehensive editing…

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Restoration & Transfer

Affordable restoration and transfer services for all forms or audio.

Affordable Restoration

Paranoyd Sound offers affordable restoration and transfer services. We can digitally re-master all forms of audio…

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Why Choose Us

      • Paranoyd Sound Studios has become a well known hub of creation and production in the Vancouver area. Lead engineer/producer Jay T. Edmondson aka J Thorn is considered one of the top studio guys in town, and his resume speaks volume! Jay T. is super versatile and easy to work with and with. With over 15 years experience producing and engineering in multiple genres, he is now a guest instructor at Nimbus School of Recording and Media, BC’s top recording college. Paranoyd was made to be a super high-quality, accessible and affordable service – and we have delivered for over 8 years now!

What Client’s Say

One of the only places I bring my music for production.. JT is light-speed quick and we just vibe out!
Prevail Prevail, Vancouver BC
JT always makes me sound so good, I really think Paranoyd is the highest quality period.
Derek 'Mugg Shot' Craig, Vancouver BC
Comfortable, constructive working environment. These guys know their shit and will bring out the best in you. Definitely will be working more in the future.
Neyvone Johns, Vancouver BC
I do all my work @ Paranoyd Sound Studios with JT – That’s just the way it’s gotta be.
Monsta Mack, Vancouver BC
Great experience working with these pros!
Vic Vodkah, Vancouver BC
I’m super stoked for the people at Paranoyd sound studios, it was a great day when they opened their doors. Big bold bright things are on the horizon for them, this is just the beginning.
Christopher Adlam, Vancouver BC
#1 representation of talent in a pro environment. This is by unanimous decision. There’s no place like home.
Richard R Schwan, Vancouver BC